Creating requirement specifications for IT projects / TeachMePlease

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Creating requirement specifications for IT projects

Уровень подготовки
Контакты организации
  • Описание курса
  • Чему вы научитесь?
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  • Требования к участникам
Описание курса

Course delivered in English.

The 16 hours (16 PDU total: 12 PDU Technical and 4 PDU Strategic according to Competency Triangle). The course provides a detailed training on IT project requirements management. The training is based on the world standards and best practices by:


PMBOK® Extension for software projects

IEEE® SWEBOK (Software Body of Knowledge)

Training participants (students) learn tools and techniques of collecting and balancing requirements from different types of stakeholders; develop requirements matrix, and product specifications.

Use cases, states, and sequence diagrams in the UML notation are valuable tools to develop detailed work packages.

Students work on practical tasks, and develop their own set of project requirements documentation.

The training helps to prepare for or sustain existing world‑known professional certifications as CAPM®, PMP® and offers* 16 PDUs (Professional development units) for PMI® (CAPM, PMP, PgMP, and others) certifications.

Продолжительность курса - 16 ак. ч.

Чему вы научитесь?
Identify and manage stakeholders
Gather requirements and expectations
Identifying project and product constraints
Prioritize requirements
Develop product specification
Develop use cases, state and data diagrams
Модуль 1. Introduction
  • Модуль
  • Онлайн
Welcome to the training What is a project? Why does an organization start a project? Waterfall vs Agile project management
Модуль 2. Identify stakeholders and gather requirements
  • Модуль
  • Онлайн
Stakeholder management tools Stakeholder register and requirements and expectations list Stakeholder influence and classification Stakeholder management strategy
Модуль 3. Classify and balance requirements
  • Модуль
  • Онлайн
Types of requirements Feasibility analysis Functional analysis
Модуль 4. Develop requirements specification document
  • Вебинар
  • Онлайн
What is SRS SRS content Prototyping Combining waterfall and agile
Модуль 5. UML modelling foundation
  • Модуль
  • Онлайн
What is UML Use case diagrams State diagrams Data diagrams
Модуль 6. Conclusion
  • Модуль
  • Онлайн
Risk management Backlogs Course summary
Требования к участникам
IT or analytical background

Дипломы, сертификаты